Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Let's go Flinging!
What is Flinging?
Well Flinging is throwing out stuff.. espeically when you throw out a bunch at once.
We have been in the flinging mood here. We have a lot of stuff, some we don't need, so we are trying to either throw it out or give it away or save it for the church garage sale Nick says he is going to organize.
Flinging feels so good. Seeing bags and bags of trash leave the house is like having a weight lifted off of our shoulders.
So far I have worked on my closet and we worked on the front closet. But of course we have a ton more to do.
So here is my challenge to you... from now till the first day of Spring (officially - not seasonally), get to flinging... challenge yourself; fling 5 things a day or 20 things a week or whatever... start your Spring cleaning early. I know when it starts warming up here.. the last place I want to be is inside!!


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