Friday, February 16, 2007

More kids?

Having two kids, with the youngest being 3, one of the inevitable questions is, "Are you having more kids?" My stock response is, "I am not done, but Nick is." Right now it is not in the picture with my friend, Roxanne's, wedding in the Bahamas at the end of the year.. and with our new health insurance we have to wait till we have it a certain amount of time till birth is covered.
Honestly in my heart, I think it is crazy to want more.. yet I still do. I do love the new baby stage, for a short while I am ok with the sleepless nights that newborns bring. But since I now have two preschoolers, the discipline issues are a lot harder to deal with. And right now the kids drive me crazy.
I just don't feel like our home is full... yet will that fullness but me in the loony bin?


On another note, Jeffrey sure thinks we are having more. He tells me all the time I am going to have 2 babies (even though I am NOT pregnant). I am going to have them at the same time.. a little Jeffrey and a little Samantha. And Jeffrey will help with one kid while Samantha and I will deal with the other. Too funny.
The thing is the chances of me having twins are slim to none.. because they don't run in our family and I wouldn't take fertility drugs (not that I am against them, just, because I have 2, I couldn't see us going to those measures). And I guess Jeffrey is a little right since as women we have all of the eggs we will have.



tosin said...

Hmmm. Tell Jeffrey I think you should name the twins Jack and Jill.

Heh heh heh!

Mel said...