Tuesday, November 01, 2005


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Well yesterday... as you see..kind of behind..
We carved our pumpkins Friday night. Nick and I each did 2 (one from a pattern, one freehand). Here we are carving them..

And here are they all lit up.. the ones on the left Nick did, and I did the other 2.

This year Jeffrey was Tigger, Samantha was a Bee and I was a Cat (Nick did not dress up this year).

And here are they in the wagon and walking.

Because they had both been coughing earlier in the day they were not up for much trick or treating. I think we ended up hitting 10-12 houses. We left my Father-in-law at the house to hand out candy.. though I think we did have less trick or treaters. I will say.. the kids did good saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You". Maybe next year they can enjoy it more.

And now I am sad.. because Halloween is such a fun holiday.. and now it gets cold out and snowy. *sniff*

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