Friday, November 04, 2005

Hunting Widow Part 2

Well... it is part 2 of Nick's annual hunting trip to South Dakota... and all I can say is uggh. I am still tired and sick (though getting better).. and he is sick too. He will be gone from Friday till Wednesday and besides Saturday till Sunday when my parents will have the kids overnight, I am in charge by myself. I am just not used to this. I mean, at least my father in law is usually in the house even if he is being a bump. I am also working Monday and Wednesday.. which means me getting both of them ready (Jeffrey for day care and Samantha to be with my Dad) in the morning and then getting out early to get Jeff from day care. I am taking Tuesday off so I can get Jeffrey to and from preschool and be with him.
Tuesday is also my day to pack for my own trip, vote and get odds and ends done.
I think I will need this trip after the next 5 days.
Well.. I suppose I should get back to the kids... I turned on the teletubbies and they seem to like it.

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