Tuesday, November 08, 2005

PA trip Itinerary!

Hey.. for all those out there that know me... I thought I would let you know where I am going to be when I go to PA... here is a summary (identifying info has been taken out):
Thursday, November 10
Depart MSP airport 1210pm Transfer in Chicago 540pm Arrive Baltimore, Maryland
Picked up by JR & transported to JB's house.

Friday, November 11
Morning: Tour of the MD/PA countryside and outlet mall
Afternoon: Arrive at BR Retreat Center

Saturday, November 12

Sunday, November 13
Morning: Catholic Church
Afternoon: Back to JR’s house

Monday, November 14
Depart Baltimore 105pm Transfer in Chicago 555pm Arrive MSP

And if you know my cell I will have it with! Less then 2 days.. wow!!

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Nancy - nowimscrappin said...

Looks good - looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!