Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving.. and my poor Babies!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I heard today that T-Day is the last non-commercialized holiday. I truly hope it stays that way. Yes I know people buy extra food... tickets on trains & planes to see loved ones.. and there are T-Day specials on television... but otherwise, it is not about giving gifts - unless you count giving to those less fortunate so they can have their own special day.
Our Thanksgiving was the same it has always is. We went over to my parents and my relatives that live in town came over. And half of us sat downstairs and half up on the main level because there is not enough room on the main level and some couldn't go down the stairs.
Then we came home and just sat and watched TV.
I don't mind not doing much. It is nice to have a couple days off and not adding extra stress.
On the other note... my poor children. Samantha (and her booster seat) fell yesterday off of the chair (due to Jeffrey unhooking the strap) and she fell flat on her face. Then today, Jeffrey slipped while he was climbing up to get the tooth brushes and fell. Thankfully they are ok. I just had mini heart attacks because I was there and couldn't catch them. I never realized that when you became a parent you had moments like these... (well unless it is a major fall, slip, etc.). One of my biggest fears in life is something happening to one of my children. I would die inside...
Well tomorrow is Black Friday. No plans to go out and buy anything (though that could change if Nick gets an ideas). To those braving the crowads - have fun!
Otherwise, life is stressful right now. I think most is just the stress of adulthood. I really hope life is not always like this!

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