Monday, June 05, 2006

Week 1, Day 1

Well I guess I would consider today my official start of being a SAHM. Because of Jeffrey's party, I would have taken last Friday off. So this is when the real test begins. Started off nice because I woke up about the time I got to work. I actually am starting to feel a little better, all this rest might be paying off. Jeffrey was a PITA (pain in the "butt") today.. I guess he is deciding to have "selective hearing". Oh well, he may just not have any toys by the end of the summer. Samantha did pretty good. They both seemed to get along more then not. I didn't do much for cleaning because it was either clean for the party or needs to be done. I did do laundry. Also made sure to feed dh lunch and dinner (told him not to get used to always having lunch made). I did end up getting really tired, probably due to the 90 degree weather (it has since cooled off, a front came in). Now I have got the kids ready for bed and am wondering if I should scrap or read.
I found out that my friend who was a Tastefully Simple Consultant quit. Now I am kicking myself for not signing up last month when they had this great special. At least for the discount. My question though, if I suck at CM would I suck at TS? Or is it just marketing the wrong product to the people I know? Any opinions?


tosin said...

I'm sure others would disagree, but I think sales is either something you are good at, or you're not. Same with direct sales. The same tools for success will be required for TS as they are for CM.
But TS food is yummy!

Congrats on your Day 1!!!


Roxanne said...

You know my opinion on the Tastefully Simple...
and I'm almost out of the seasoning salt, and I NEED that stuff to live. :)
Glad you are getting rest.
But you need to email me more often. Now that you've had Day 1, on Day 2 you must email Roxanne.