Monday, June 12, 2006

To do...

Well I started what may be the "ever present To Do list". I have started myself 2 lists. The first is the stuff that has to be done weekly. The second is all those projects I want to do now that I am home. The trick is to actually do things so I can check them off of my list. And I mean the 2nd list. I hope I can be successful at this. I have the time now. I don't have an excuse.
Today was ok. Did some stuff. Got sidetracked by wanting to make a To Do list... because I went into my purse to get my notebook and realized it needed to be cleaned out.. then remembered I wanted to switch purses and since I didn't find anything at Target (AGAIN) that I wanted I went and looked for an old one to use... found an old one, but the magnetic clasp is broken.. decided I should fix it.. couldn't find super glue.. called up Nick and he happened to be at Home Depot, so he could buy me some. Figured the purse would have to wait... was outside so I thought I would water the vegetable garden.. realized the tomatoes needed to be "staked".. could only find one.. called up Nick again.. had to wait till he came home.. staked the tomatoes, turned on the sprinkler.. started lunch.. and sometime in there made the to do list. This is why I need a list.. I get too side tracked. Oh, and Nick did buy me super glue so now the purse is "setting".
Otherwise, need to start thinking about dinner.

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