Thursday, June 22, 2006

The fruits of my labor!

Hah! Pun intended!
My neighbor, Jean, has a strawberry patch the size of a small room or a big closet. This yields tons of straberries, which she gives to anyone who asks.. or in are case.. just gives them to us. And for that we are grateful. Well she has given us so much this year, we couldn't just eat them all up, so after she told me about the no-cook freezer jam she was making... I thought I should. Nick and I canned tomatoes and cucumbers a couple years ago.. but I had yet to be in charge nor make jam. So I took it upon myself and have canned 6+ jars of strawberry jam so far. And here is the proof:
Here is me with the canning stuff in the background.

Here is my jars of jam.

And here is my trusty sidekick, Jeffrey, who helped me a little bit.

Off to the showers... maybe tomorrow I will can somemore!!


TNChick said...

Cute cute sidekick! ;)

That looks yummy.

agent713 said...

Well done Melissa! Super SAHM! :)

Roxanne said...

OH my gosh. Jeffrey is so adorable! I want to try the jam :)


Mel said...

Rox - remind me and I will give you one!

Super SAHM!! Cute Heidi!!

Caryn said...

Wow! You had a LOT of strawberries! The jam looks delicious. Makes me want some now.

Tracie said...

I suddenly have a strong urge for strawberry looks great!