Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pepperberry Gardens

Well I just created a blog for Nick's company. There is nothing really on it now, but if you ever want to check it out, it is in my sidebar and the link is here.
More blogging fun!



Wystful1 said...

Hi!! I'm trying to visit with some of the "Blogging Chicks" and stopped by yours to see wazzup! You design blogs? Wow, that's cool.

And I wanted to comment on the love picture below...the one with your two kids, reading!!

How precious is that!!

I'm glad I stopped by, hope you'll have a great weekend........way up north! And from me---way down south!!

Wystful1 said...

oops...that should read "lovely picture" not love picture. Sorry 'bout that. (way too early for me)

Viamarie said...

You really have a creative talent.

I'm here via the SPH BLogroll and I'm glad I did visit. Hope you have a nice weekend!