Saturday, June 17, 2006

Life as a mother...

Hmm... well I realized that I have not written daily lately... I guess that is a life of a mother. Not too much to talk about most days... especially when we don't do anything.
We did have my sister (who is in town) and her son over yesterday for a little while... hung out and had lunch. That was the first time she was to my house.
Today we went to a graduation open house.
Otherwise, my days are filled with diapers, dirt and dogs (whining).
My Papa asked me the other day how I liked staying home. I did say I liked it better then I thought I would. There is something more relaxed to life now. Not having to get up at a certain time most days.. having all day to get stuff done around the house... being able to be there for Nick... so I think it is better.
Anyways.. that is all... sorry for being so boring...

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