Friday, June 30, 2006


Well it is a hot one in the cities today. And I just broke down and put the a/c on. I know that Nick will be happy with that. I have spent yesterday and today trying to clean things around the house. Still need to work on more.

Did you know that Orlando has more then theme parks? In the 150 years since Orlando was settled, it has gone from cattle town, to railroad town, to citrus town and now to popular tourist destination. In fact, more people visit Orlando every year than there are people in California (43.3 million). Orlando is a mix of upscale gated neighborhoods and old-fashioned towns, urban downtown condos and historic homes. For those looking at possibly buying in Orlando check out Orlando Realtor. They are a exclusive Buyer's agency that knows everything about contracts, house values, options, negotiations, 1031's, and creative thinking.

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