Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Why do people like you so much?

I was having a conversation with Nick late last night (because that is usually the only time I can really catch up to him, between him being so busy and having the kids and Fil around), and I asked him, "Why do people like you so much?"  See, lately he has been asked by different people to assume different leadership roles around our church.  Some of these people he has known maybe a couple months, maybe this "school year".  I wondered how they could see something in him, even if they hardly know him.

Of course it doesn't help that I am going through my own identity crisis.  One where I doubt who I am and, even bigger, what I am good at.  I doubt anyone would go up to me and ask me to join anything.

For Nick, it probably comes down to that he is a great salesperson... and that shines through in anything he does.  He could sell a boat in the Arizona Desert.

And for me, I suck at sales. 
On another note, I was telling my friend Rox how I feel my brain is turning into mush.  I wonder could it be because I had two kids, or is it because I am not challenged to use it in my job.  Who knows?

Well last weekend was pretty busy.  We had the starlight ball on Saturday.  Nick looked great (and young) in black pants, shirt and fedora.  I looked young period in one of my formal dresses (that actually fit me).  Sunday I went and scrapped with some of my online Scrapshare friends, Jenny in MN, Stacie and Amy in MN.  Sunday night was our last night of Alpha and we had a fabulous dinner at the coordinators house.   Then Monday it was back to the grindstone.



Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

My daddy says we loose half our brain cells with each pregnancy... unfortunately that means I'm down to about 3 percent of my original capacity... sad huh?

{{{HUGS}}} Nick is just a confident person, at least it seems that way from what you say about him. That air of confidence is going to help tremendously and probably what people are drawn to when they ask him to be respobsible for things. If we could give your self-confidence a boost I'm sure they would be picking you too. Wish I had any words of wisdom for that.

Mel said...

Yea... he is pretty confident... especially in public.
But I guess this is ok.. because I don't neccessarily want to be like him.

Roxanne said...

Well I haven't had a kid yet, but I often feel the same way about a lot of things as you do. And I do have a toddler puppy, and I swear that's just as bad sometimes.
Josh and Nick are a lot of like in having lots of confidence. You and I are a lot alike, too.

Stacie said...

My brain is total mush, Melissa! I'd like to say it gets better as the kids get older, but.... ;)

Any pics of you at the ball?

Glad you could come over on Sunday. :)