Wednesday, May 17, 2006

H Day!

Yay! It is the middle of the week. This is when I can actually see the weekend coming. Funny how in 2 weeks days will just be that... not work days and non work days. Yep, 2 weeks from tomorrow!! Eek! Starting to actually get excited though. Of course, this means I have to actually clean off my desk and take a ton of stuff home... no clue where I am going to put it all.
Got a couple products to tell you about.... I was reading and saw an advertising for this book:
And it looks quite funny. I was reading an excerpt about her first Mommy and Me program she went to.. kind of sounds like how I will feel if I turn into one of "those Moms". I am definetly putting this book on my wish list.
Also, a bunch of my online friends swear by Crocs:
They say they are the most comfortable shoes out there.. these are definetly going on my wish list as well.
Otherwise... Nick and I have a volunteer appreciation dinner to go to tonight at church... it will be nice to actually see him for more then 5 min!!!


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