Saturday, May 06, 2006


Hey all.... no clue what to title this... so that is why it is funny.
Haven't blogged much this week.. guess I did not feel like it.
Thursday I had to call in sick because Samantha said she did not feel good and it looked for a moment that she was going to throw up. So we both ended up going back to bed for 2 hours.. and it was probably a good thing because I felt like I had a cold and that probably kept it away.
Friday I gave my notice at work. My last day is June 1. I had a lot of nice comments from people when they found out saying that they will miss me and that I am lucky I can stay home. Still doesn't take away the nervousness. I was taking a shower today thinking, what have I done!!! But I can't take that back. And people said, I can always get another job. *sigh*
Last night Maggie the shih poo had her first sleepover. My friend Laura came and picked her up and then took her on the Walk for Animals. I guess she was perfect and walked the whole 5 miles. I will say, I missed the little fur ball!! Now she is home resting.
And today Jeffrey, Samantha and I went to the birthday party for Jeff's "girlfriend" S. Lot of fun.. except the part that Jeffrey missed singing Happy Birthday and he was kind of upset. Now I am tired, Samantha is sleeping and Jeffrey went with Nick to pick something up.. so I am having a moment of peace.
I suppose I should figure out something to do. Maybe dinner... and the race is on tonight.

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