Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just over 24 hours..

In just over 24 hours I will be unemployed ..
Nah.. can't call it unemployed per se... I mean I will be a full time Mother.
Funny, before my fil died I had all these ideas... about how I could go shopping by myself while he was home with the kids, about how we all could go to the park, about stuff...
And now those wont happen.
And I will have to be stronger.
Kind of weird being at work knowing that I am almost done. My boss asked me today if I had checked out yet. I told her yep. Just getting done what I had to. She said that was allright.
We are having a going away party for me tomorrow!! Yippee! I sure hope a lot of people come... because for having 5 years on the job.. I deserve it!
And that reminds me.. yep.. made it to the 5 year mark on Monday!!! :-)

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Roxanne said...

Congrats Mel! I'll toast you tomorrow! :)