Thursday, May 18, 2006

Favorites (Part 3,297)

Ok... so my friend Roxanne (who STILL wont get herself a blog) has wanted me to do this and I was too busy last week. I guess I need to fill in my favorites .... For all my friends that DO blog... here is something for you to do too.


Jeans: Target Levi's
Underwear: I just got to try these new Bali brand coming out... they will be the next I buy.
Sneakers: ? Nike?
Day Bag: My Exclusive
Veronica Sun Bag (TM pending :-) )
Socks: Into funny ones with designs to wear around the house.
Signature Accessory: Gold Jewelry? Never leave home with out it.

Food and Beverage

Craving: Chipotle? (ok not right this second, but usually I am)
Diet plan: Don't really diet.. I just don't snack a lot, don't drink a lot of pop, and don't eat too late at night.
Coffee: Decaf or I get sick.
Coke or Pepsi: COKE!
Beer: I had a Leninkugel's Honey Weiss and it was good.
Cocktail: Long Island Iced Tea or a Chocolate Martini


Cell phone: Sprint - I want the new "razor-like" phone, but it isn't tri-brand yet.
Computer: PC
Television: Flat screen.
Favorite Toy: ? (mind is going where it shouldn't).. the internet?
Last Song Added to your iPod: I added some songs off of the Rascal Flatts CD the last time I uploaded to my mp3 player.

Grooming Products

Moisturizer: Mary Kay Time-Wise
Cologne: -----
Razor: It is disposable and it is pink.
Shaving Cream: Skintimate


Favorite Music Genre: Top 40
Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping
Worst Job You Ever Had: Working at Abecrombie and Fitch (which rhymes with what B word?)
Your Philosophy: If it can't kill you, don't stress about it. Also, you can live in hope, but you cannot live on hope.
Magazine Subscriptions: US News because I got it for free.
Last Book Read: Memoirs of a Geisha
Final Thoughts: To be continued......



Roxanne said...

Hey now! I do not need a blog. I can email people. I read your blog, that's good enough. I don't have any kids or take enough pictures to talk about.

Mel said...

Whatever!! You do need a blog. You could post wedding planning details and pictures of Goofy and Fredo!! Or just fill it with dumb quizzes and surveys!!

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Funny thing about Abercombie & Fitch... my best friend and I were walking past it once and I said I wanted to go in to the store name check something out and proceeded to walk in... well my friend just stood there, so I went out and she was like what lady and I asked what she was talking about... she says didn't you just say that lady called me a B (word that rhymes with the fitch part)... it was hilarious, we both had a good laugh.

Roxanne, wedding plans would be an awesome thing to blog about!