Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Sometime all you need is a little "time" with your husband. Life gets in the way and you forget that you are even married, and then you remember you are, and remember each other and life seems perfect. I Love Nick. I Love that he is my husband. And I Love that I can deal with his ups and downs.


Sorry to get all sappy on you all... since this blog is about what I am thinking and feeling and doing.. I don't want to hold things back (as much as yes, I do have secrets and things I wont share).

This week is a normal busy week. One of us has something almost every night. And the kids are sure getting into the fighting stage where they don't want to share and think everything is theirs. Lovely. Funny, since my kids are 17 months apart and my brother and I are 21 months apart.. I knew what I was in for.

And if you have looked in my comments for my last post, a fellow Blogging Chick is getting out word that the National Hopeline Network - suicide hotline, needs some financial help.. you can check them out at I have known of others who could have used this service and now it is too late. Thanks.


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