Tuesday, April 11, 2006

43 Things!

For those of you out there that I had a goals discussion with, this might be the site for you. 43things.com (and its companion 43places.com ) You can create your own account and list all the things you want to do (can be less then 43 and probably more then 43), and others can see. You can also see what others want to do and get inspiration. And a cool thing is that you can add a code to your blog (see my sidebar) so others can track all that you want to do.
(Note: Have another child is on my list - we are NOT working on that right now!)
Have fun!

On that note, too, I realize I need to do something about everything on my sidebar. My plan is for when I have time to modify this template or create a new one with 3 columns (2 small ones and the big one in the middle). I, of course, am not that creative, so I will really need to work on that, or find a simple one to use.


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agent713 said...

I found this site awhile ago. I really like it. 43places has given me some great ideas for day trips too.

I posted my "things to do before I die" list today. Check it out!