Thursday, April 20, 2006


Working in an office with about 40-50 women on my floor you are bound to "meet up" with people in the bathroom. I always find it interesting that there are some you would consider a "pee buddy" because you always seem to go at the same time. And there are others that I never run into in the bathroom... hmmm...

Went to Target today. Their Easter stuff is 75% off starting today. Good deal! Picked the kids up something along with their diapers and wipes.

I added a new blogroll... one for my ScrapShare friends... so if you are on SS and want to be added let me know. I am testing stuff, so I will formally announce it on SS soon. I plan to take ones off of my manual blogroll when they ask, because then I can kind of see who updated theirs last.


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The Stopper Family said...

Melissa: Feel free to put my main blog in your new blogroll. I don't use the other one enough to matter.!