Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Ouch! I am in pain. It started yesterday morning and I don't know how or why. I have this severe pain in my shoulder/neck/upper back on the left hand side. It sucks. So I ended up taking a stronger pain reliver last night and that helped me sleep (those always remind me how easy it would be to be a "pill popper"). Still in pain this morning.
Nick went down to Iowa to get my fil this morning. I think Jeffrey will be really surprised to come home and see Bapa! Too bad I wont be home to see his face!
Otherwise, time to think about lunch.

For all your Mother's Day flower needs, check out they have a monthly giveaway, and if you click to close out the window they come up with a $5 coupon.

I have always wanted to go geocaching.. and if I would I could check out the GPS locators here GPS Handheld. Let me know if you find anything this way!

For you Scrapbookers out there.. this looks like a good site for tables: Commercial Folding Tables. Maybe some day I can have a scrapbooking room for them.

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