Monday, April 24, 2006


Well it looks like I will be getting a new title this summer.  That of Stay At Home Mom.  And I am so worried.  Because I think I will do a very bad job at it.  Two reasons in particular.  1.  I have a lack of energy problem, that we cannot figure out where it comes from.  And I am afraid that I wont have the energy to get stuff done and people will be frustrated with me.  2.  Lack of patience.  I have such a lack of patience with my kids sometimes.  I don't want them to hate me because of it.  Anyways, I have always said I will do what is best for my family, and this looks like the best thing.  So I will let you know when this becomes a reality.  And I am already seeking advice from my SS friends on how to be a good SAHM, so if you stumble on here and have some advice, please let me know.

Otherwise this weekend was ok.  Nick had meeting after meeting, so I did not see him much.  Friday night we were at our friend Ryan and Sarah's house where we played Phase 10 and I got drunk on wine.  Saturday morning Sarah and I and my kids went to the Kids Stuff sale and I got some deals and spent less then $30 (no clue how I got up for it, btw.)   Saturday night was the church/marriage thing - poor Nick, we went to another house that had cats and his allergies were really starting to get to him.  Then Sunday I did not do much.  Got to enjoy the 70 degree weather and even got a little sunburn on my arms.  And later on that afternoon I went through a bunch of the kids clothes and boxed up the too small stuff.

And now it is Monday.  And I am tired. 

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Jana said...

I just noticed your son has the same birthday as mine (well, one of mine) - 5/21/02!

I've been a SAHM for almost ten years and I still don't have any good advice for anyone. Except maybe take time for yourself when you can, even if it means locking yourself in your bedroom and turning the tv volume up so you can't hear the destruction going on in the rest of the house. Ahem. Not that I would do that.