Monday, July 17, 2006

Potty Training Fuddy

Ok... so Fuddy is this stuffed frog that my fil gave Jeffrey a couple years ago. He was always special, but has become more so since fil's death.
We are potty training Jeffrey now. It has been about a week and a half since we started. And somedays it goes well, others not so good. His biggest problem is going #2 in the potty. Most of the time he waits till he has his diaper on so he can go to bed. Though he has had a couple accidents in his underwear. Yuck!! Not fun!
So, he decided about a week ago Fuddy needed to wear a diaper.. and a couple days ago he decided Fuddy was going to potty train as well and has a pair of Samantha's underwear (even though she is no were near being PT). Check it out.
Before After

And here is the kids with Fuddy

Ah well... they do say sometimes it is easier if the trainee trains a doll or stuffed animal. Jeffrey now has a deadline and he knows it. He knows he cannot go to Hilltop for preschool if he isn't PT and that he cannot go hunting with Daddy and Daddy's Uncle (along with Mollie and Max the Labs) if he isn't.

Anyways, today is another hot one. Got the kiddie pool out and filled... just waiting for the water to warm up and the kids to clean the living room. It lookes like a tornado of toys came through!

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