Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Good thing I am not a farmer.... we have had temps in the 80s and 90s for, must be, a month. And the random rain we do get is not helping anything. I know if you don't water your lawn right now it is probably brown. It is almost too hot to do anything.. even walking to your car makes you break out in a sweat. And we are not the only ones... it is like this over much of the United States. Of course I really am not complaining. I love the summer. It does help we do have a/c though!!
A couple people reminded me the past couple days that I was the reason they started blogging. I feel very honored. Not that I always want to be a trend setter... but I am glad to have started this one.
Took the kids and Jeff's "girlfriend" out to a drive in fast food place and park today. They had a lot of fun.
And the lice is getting better. I do need to do a thorough scrubbing and washing again tomorrow..and then I really hope we are done.
Otherwise, Nick said I could go to a cooking club thing with the MOMS club tonight... so that is time without the kids. Yippeee!! Got my appetizer all made and my recipe typed up!
And good news.. friends of ours (their kid is the aforementioned "girlfriend") are having a baby and went to their first appt today and heard the heartbeat. Such a great sound to hear! Congrats to them (even if they probably wont see this). I only hope the others that I know trying to have a baby will soon be hearing their baby's heartbeats.

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