Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just not blogging a lot.

Ok.. I know... I used to be religious about blogging. If not every day.. at least every other day.. and maybe taking the weekend off. Now.. I rarely blog. Guess sometimes I don't feel like it and other times I really have nothing to say.
Lately everything is about these two little tikes:

We have gone to the beach at least once a week and the kids love it.. either they go out into the "high water" or they spend their time digging holes. Last time we went I brought a lunch and I just bought some "noodles" for our next trip out.
We are potty training Jeffrey right now and it can be hit or miss. Seems he has one accident a day and his having trouble w/ #2 and doing it in the potty. Ugghh!!!!

Yesterday we went over to my parents. They were shutting our water off for the day and it happened to be my Mother's bday. So we "took" her to lunch and went and got Jeffrey a haircut.
I have had my good days and my bad ones. Sometimes the kids really frustrate me.. other times I cannot get over how many times they say they love me. I still am not an efficient housekeeper. *sigh*
So that is life in our household!

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Roxanne said...

Great summer photos of the kids :)