Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Ick, ick, ick! Found lice on the kids' hair yesterday. Not fun.
I had to shampoo their hair with lice shampoo and comb them out. Washed all the sheets and rugs in hot water. Sprayed special stuff on the places like the couch. Vacummed the carpets. Soaked the brushes/combs. Quarantined the stuffed animals. Shampoo'd my hair w/ the lice shampoo (Nick will today).
And can I say it sucked! I was so draining.. I am still exhausted. I mean not only to have to do all that, but I feel so bad for my kids. I mean Jeffrey has been scratching his hair for weeks and I did keep checking... but yesterday was the first day I saw something. And I didn't think to check Samantha's and hers was the worst (probably due to her long hair).
Now I wonder where they got it. I figure it couldn't be the beach if he has been itching for so long. Maybe residual from day care or even the trip in ND. Otherwise they have not been around a ton of kids.
So pray that we got them all. I still have to re-wash their hair in about a week because the eggs could hatch.


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