Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Use your video camera!

If you have one!
I know that as a scrapbooker I know the importance of getting out our still cameras whenever possible... but sometimes that means neglecting our video cameras.
Well two days ago I got out the video camera to take some video of the kids. We also found the tapes of when they were born/baptism and other assorted videos from when #1 was a baby. So we decided to watch them. And we found a precious gift in them - since dd (#2) was born, we have lost my fil, Grandfather and Great Grandmother.. and we turned on the videos and we saw and heard them again. I know it truly touched my dh's heart to hear and see his Dad again after losing him so suddenly. And I told my Mom that we have her Dad and Grandma on tape!
I also found that we neglected taking any video of dd besides the birth and baptism. Just going to have to make it up and get more video of the kids now. I already started by taking video of the kids making their own peanut butter & jelly sandwiches yesterday.

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Roxanne said...

I agree. I think videos are precious. As important as photos are, (most people know this), videos capture someone's voice and movement. Josh didn't want to get a video camera, but he now knows that it will be cheaper to buy our own video camera for our wedding than to have Sandals film it. And then we can use it for the kids..which yeah, I plan to do a lot. (and the dogs! I need to video tape the dogs!!!!).