Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yea, that is the reason I haven't blogged.

Three weekends ago I left on Thursday and came back Sunday - I was at a scrapbook retreat with 20 of my other
Scrapshare friends in Wisconsin. Once I came back I spent a couple days recovering from not getting enough sleep and laughing constantly (and the 6 or 7 pixie sticks I ate in one night!)

The weekend after that, Nick had a HUGE display at the 2nd annual Westonka Horticultural Day at our church. He started setting up Thursday, had it ready for Saturday, then took it down Sunday. And the kids and I tried to help as much as possible.

And last weekend was Easter. I sang with the choir on Good Friday, Easter Vigil (Saturday night) and on Easter. Also, Nick & his friend Ryan put up a baptismal fountain all day Saturday for the vigil. And I thought it was pretty neat. It also was a bonus that Ryan's daughter was baptized in it on Easter Sunday.

I am looking forward to this weekend when, at least as of right now, we do not have much planned. Nick will start working outside any day now, so our weekends will be precious.

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