Monday, April 23, 2007

I am now a lady..

.. and here.. you would have thought after two kids I would already be a lady!!!

I am a Lady because Nick became a Sir Knight on Saturday. He completed his training to become a 4th degree Knights of Columbus. Last year he joined and went through the first three degrees.. but becoming 4th degree is something special. Many people never become 4th degree... even those that are Grand Knights. And Nick became one as soon as he could. This meant buying a Tux (yes!!), even if it set us back a chunck of change. On Saturday he went up to St. Cloud in the morning and I joined him later (can't miss my guy in a tux). And of course... I have pictures.

Here is us:

And here is my man all decked out:



agent713 said...

Lookin' good Nick!
Congrats on reaching 4th level!!!

Emmy said...

Congratulations Nick! You both look great all dressed up!

Roxanne said...

Congrats to Nick! You both look snazzy!!

Diana. in Maryland. said...

Hope you are a Knight for a long, long, time... (and the lady, of course... congrats to you, too!