Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tastefully Simple & Oceangram

Ok.. I am about 99.9% sure I am going to sign up with Tastefully Simple as a consultant the beginning of September. I had thought about doing it in the past but never did. But now that I don't know a local consultant and they have done some updating of their shows and various other things, I really want to go for it. Plus, I have a couple people that would want to have a show and am hoping to find some others that would (so if you know me, let me know if you want to...). I really hope this is something I can make a go of. And if you have never heard of TS (gourmet food) check out their website at
Tastefully Simple. Just got to convince Nick!!

My SS friends turned me on to a cool website.. it is the internet version of message in a bottle. You can send out messages and then wait for one to come to you. I just got one back that Jeffrey and I sent out and I have been only doing it today. It is at
Oceangram and if you see a message signed Empress4, that is me!!!

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