Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ok... so this is the first week of the Scrapshare blog challenge and the topic is color.
Well this is an easy one for me.. my favorite color is:
It started when I was 13 or 14, my love affair with purple. This of course came a year or two after my father had painted my room pink. So alas... I was a purple lover in a pink room. I don't know why I initially came to like purple.. I think it is such a unique color. And any shade, to me, is beautiful. Now after I figuared that out I really didn't go out of my way to pick purple till I graduated high school. At that time I choose a cake with purple writing, even if my school colors were red and white.. and after an initial stop at a different college, the one I graduated from did have the colors purple and gray. By that time I was using a purple backpack and buying purple shirts. I also felt blessed to have the hometown Minnesota Vikings use the colors purple and gold (better then the green and gold of the Packers!).
And when I was blessed to walk down the aisle and became Nick's wife, I picked the colors purple and green (for our favorite colors). Eventually we bought a house and the second bedroom was painted a light purple for the eventual children...and their room is still purple. And when we got Maggie I got to pick the color of her collar and leash.. purple!
Eventually I came to learn that purple is the color of royalty... kind of funny when my online nickname is Empress4. That makes it evener cooler of a color.

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