Thursday, June 23, 2005


On the heals of the original blog about talking about your job in your blog, I found one of the first people that were fired because of it. is the site for Heather in Utah. It is actually quite candid and interesting. And do you know, there is a new word in the english language because of her Dooced: to be fired for writing about your job in a blog (or something like that). Anyways, she is now married with a kid and is extremly open.

It is suppose to be around 95 degrees today. HOT!! Nick plans to not work long outside, which is good, because this is not the day to be doing anything for too long outside unless you are in a pool or lake. At least the house and my work have a/c because you need it. Though Nick's truck and my car's a/c are broken. That does not make for a fun time. But I am not going to complain about the heat, because I hate the cold.

I am giving blood today. I am really, really nervous. Not about the needles or seeing the blood. But the last two times I have fainted or almost fainted at the end. I do plan to drink a lot of fluids before hand and will eat my leftover spaghetti.. and I hope that will keep me safe.

And poor Mandi is getting worse. She has not eaten for 4 days and was spitting up bile. I do not think she will be with us for very much longer. Poor thing.


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