Monday, December 01, 2008

Last Month of 2008!

Well here we are in December... as you see the "thankful" challenge is over but rumor has it midnight scrapper has a new one coming out. Till then I have some general thoughts...
*Congratulations Vikings on an awesome game yesterday! You really made football fun to watch and I am proud that you were one of just two home teams to win yesterday. We spent the first half watching the game at our friends up the block and then at halftime the kids and I went home so we could all get to bed and it was a lot of fun.
*Beware of Carter's teeth!! He seems to have gotten over the horrible teething (at least for right now) but now we have to watch out because he wants to bite EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! I think Jeffrey and Samantha have each been bitten and he has nipped at me more then once. And it HURTS!
*This week is another busy one at night with something planned at least 3 out of 5 nights for one of us. With working now I am not always as excited to go out at night to various meetings.
*It was nice to have a LONG weekend. We spent much of the time doing some major house cleaning. Our recycling and trash guy are going to 'love' us as well as the Salvation Army!!! Nick was the most gung ho and has gotten rid of a bunch of stuff (though in my defense he really hadn't gone through a lot of it in years - whereas I had).
*I knew Thanksgiving was going to be hard this year with my Dad gone and I was right. Ever since the beginning of last week I have been in a funk. Unfortunately I doubt it is going to let up for awhile because Christmas is going to be hard and then we are going to come to the anniversary of his death. I still don't think it is fair that he is gone and I truly wonder if we did everything we could.


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