Thursday, May 01, 2008

Introducing Lucy!

Introducing our new puppy, Lucy:

When Maggie died we knew we couldn't be without a little dog for long. So we went back to the place that we got Maggie and saw that they had some shih poos available right away and soon. We found one that was born on February 4, had the same father and was going to be available the beginning of April. So on Thursday, April 10 Nick went and got her.
Now the kids knew we were talking about getting another one, but they did not know when. Partially because I didn't want Jeffrey to miss school since we were getting her while he was gone. Nick brought her home in the morning so Jeff was gone but this was Samantha and Carter's reaction when they saw her

Samantha was pretty excited but nothing could contain the excitement Jeffrey felt when he got home from school and Samantha brought her out

After discussing it all day (and initially thinking we were going to call her Abby) we settled on Lucy. Kind of a break from the "M" names we have named our dogs in the past.
Of course I get to hold her a lot

Potty training has gone ok... she is starting to get the hang of using the bell to go outside, though at times she can be lazy. Samantha and Jeffrey are great with her... they are always taking her out and playing with her. This has been a Godsend because it can get kind of crazy having a new puppy and a baby. Carter, well, he doesn't same much about her. We do have to watch her around him or she mistakes him for a play toy. And Nick is just grateful to have a new "drinking buddy".
Max hasn't had much play time with her, but Scooter has and is quite dissapointed... he thought he would be the only furry friend in the house for awhile.


Amanda said...

Awwww what a sweet heart! when our family gets another dog we want it to be a "little" dog. We haven't had much luck with the bigger ones. I'll have to keep this breed in mind!

Enjoy your new family member!

Kaye said...

Oh, she's a cutie!!