Friday, April 11, 2008

Us in April!

So April is amounting to a BUSY month. I think we have or had something every weekend. Multiple things. So this means that we are not getting anything done around the house - especially all those little projects that Nick has started but hasn't had time to finish and if he doesn't finish them soon they probably wont be touched all summer. Of course I have my fair share of stuff to get done, but the past couple days I have been so tired. Kind of goes in waves for me. One or two days I have energy and get stuff done followed by week(s) of being tired.
I do have some pictures to share. We were at my friends' wedding reception last weekend at the Minnesota Zoo. It was pretty cool to have it with the dolphins, sharks and other sea creatures swimming around. The kids had a ton of fun. Here are some (though don't worry Roxanne... I have more I need to get to you!)
Our family:

Daddy & Carter, Samantha, Jeffrey:

And me with the bride, my good friend Roxanne:

BTW... as I am writing this it is snowing, can spring just finally be here?


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