Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to me and all the other Mothers out there - whether you are a mother-to-be (as I was 6 years ago) or a "special Mom", whether your children were born in your tummy or in your heart. I love having this day where we honor Mothers!!!
In celebration of this being my first Mother's Day with 3 children, here are my three little (?) bundles of joy (with Lucy)! Jeffrey, Samantha & Carter do make this day extra special for me.

Nick is going to make dinner for us tonight. Of course I wish my Dad was still around and we could continue our tradition where us and my parents went out for dinner, but with him being gone I just don't feel like going out to eat.
Fathers must get jealous that Mother's Day falls during the school year because every year the kids seem to make me creative Mother's Day gifts but school is already out for his day (mental note to try to think of something creative for them to make this year). And this year was great... here are what the kids made at school. The card with the person giving a hug was made by Jeffrey and Samantha made the hand in the clay.. on the other said it talks about stuff we like to eat together like noodles, wraps and parmesan cheese!!

Don't know yet if Nick will get me a card from him and/or the kids. He doesn't seem to be great at remembering that.
I hope your day is happy!!


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