Monday, August 13, 2007


Ya know... I used to love Summer.... I mean I have always said it is my favorite season. Winter, ick! Living here in MN all my life I could do without the snow and cold. And while Spring and Fall are nice, I have loved knowing I can wear shorts and a tank top, drive around with the windows open and possibly go swimming.
Well I am an adult and reality has set in. And this Summer has been a doozy.
1. Nick owns a landscaping company. Landscapers have to work All.Summer.Long. Even in Spring and Fall he is not working so hard. Landscapers like to work till dark.. it gets dark here as late as 9pm at times. This means I may not see him till 7 or 8 at night. Which in turn means late dinners because I like if we all can eat together.
2. Kids are out of school. Ok.. last year I just had a break for 2 1/2 hours 3 days a week when Jeffrey was in preschool... but just knowing that come the school year I will get a break from the fighting - which in turn will mean less yelling and time outs - just seems like heaven. And heck, I will even have some time when both kids are in school this year (well till #3 comes)
3. I am pregnant. This means not being able to fit into the cute summer clothes I have a closet full of... it means have half a dozen or so maternity tops to rotate till I want to puke looking at them. It means me being more prone to headaches... especially on humid days. And since I am having #3 I popped a whole heck of a lot earlier and therefore already am comfortable - and I am just starting the third trimester. Also, since this is my first pgcy as a SAHM, it feels like an eternity till this baby will be born... because that is what I spend all my days thinking about.

4. This summer it is just plain miserable out! We have had probably 2 days of rain in 6 weeks. I think we just hit our 21 or 22 day of 90s this Summer. And we are known here for our humidity. It is too hot to go outside - especially since I am pregnant - and it is causing the kids to go stir crazy.

It is sad, that only of the only perks to summer right now is that most days I don't have to get up at a certain time. *sigh*

Hope your summer is better!!



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