Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ISO: Washing Machine!!

We are looking for a new washing machine... looks like ours is unfixable. Guess it turns out the water pooling in our laundry room was not due to our annual have-to-snake-due-to-a-messed-up-sewer-drain, it is actually from something broken in our washer that looks like we cannot fix. So I am trying to convince Nick we should get one off of craigslist.com or used from somewhere else... because we just don't have the money now to buy a new one, especially the kind that Nick would like, and especially because I "supposedly" beat up on them. And of course we need it yesterday because I have clothes stacking up.
So if you do live in the Twin Cities, MN... and know someone that has one, let me know.
And if you don't, please have pity on me... it seems like everything put in that laundry room is doomed - we have already had the stand up freezer go out (thank goodness we have 2 in the garage) and something is wrong with the water softener.



tosin said...

I have an extra set in my garage, but I guess that's not going to help you from here. The cost to get it to you would be more than the cost of a new set.
Wish I was closer!!


Roxanne said...

Ours are crappy too :( They work for now, but within a couple years we'll need new ones. They seem historic. So, I don't have any to sell you, but I have pity for you!