Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm wireless!

Ok... so I am sitting here on a Monday... watching the NASCAR race that I am taping for Nick because it was rained out yesterday... and I get to also be on the computer... because I am wireless.
I know some of my online friends will enjoy this and so I thought I would post!!
On Wednesday, May 23 my new Dell 1505 laptop was delivered... this is the story...
I knew that morning that there was a big chance I would get my new toy.. even though they originally said delivery was going to be on Thursday. But I had no time estimate.. except probably in the afternoon.
So in the morning I decided that the kids and I would play in the front (because you never know)... Jeffrey happened to take my picture

Well we ended up going inside - possibly to have lunch, and about an hour or so later, I saw this in my driveway

This is what he delivered to me

So of course I had to open it up right away.. and this is what I found

And I have been enjoying it... I love being able to be on the computer on the couch or on the bed... and we took it with up north (though we have taken Nick's laptop in the past).. and pretty soon we are going to take a bunch of stuff out of the kitchen that we don't need upstairs.
I just had a couple hang ups with holding a wireless signal and getting it to print... but I am not complaining.



agent713 said...

Congrats on the new computer! You're right, it is exciting :) I love the series of pictures too.

Roxanne said...

Congrats! Wireless is fun :) We've got it, though the battery on our laptop is so bad that we still have to plug the computer in :(

DeeJay said...

Super cool for you! I'm afraid that if I got a laptop that I would waste even more time surfing and playing over at pogo...and that would be bad. Fun, but bad. hehe


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