Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I won with Blingo!

Ok... I may have mentioned this on this blog before... but way back I signed up on Blingo.com, it is a search engine that uses the power of Google with an added perk: you can win things.
Well I have been using it for awhile as my primary search engine and hadn't won anything, so I was surprised when a screen popped up saying I had won either $50 or $50 to amazon.com!!!
Funny thing, I had just bought a Magic Bullet mixer the other week and Nick didn't want me to keep it... I had been trying to figure out a way to convince him to let me.. well guess how much it was? $50!!! So I am keeping it!



Roxanne said...

Congrats! That's cool. I saw your email but didn't know if I could respond to it. I tried that for a bit but never won so haven't been using it, maybe I'll go back now! Also, my coworker has a Magic Bullet and is obsessed with it. Hope you like yours :)

the parents zone said...

Hey Mel!

Did you stop updating your blog after winning $50??? :)

Mel said...

Yea.. I took my money and ran!!

Naw...just been lazy... though I just posted!!!