Monday, November 13, 2006

Poor little tough guy.

I, unfortunately, have found out that I have one really tough son.

Last thursday was like any thursday around here... I was cooking dinner and waiting for Nick to get home so I could go to choir practice. I was making one of our favorites, spaghetti, and going to try it with ground pork. Jeffrey was up on a chair closer to the spaghetti pot and not the meat - which is where he normally stands. And I had stepped away to go to the bathroom.
This is when it happened.
I do not know how Jeffrey slipped, if the counter was wet or the chair got unstable.. but I had just walked back to the food and he slipped, hit his chin on the pot and it started falling over on him. And he got burned... technically scalded by hot water.
And as much as it didn't have to happen, I also know it could have been worse because I got the pot or it maybe would have gotten all over him.
My first response was to tear off his shirt and I ran him in the bathroom.. there I stripped him down and turned on a cold shower.. but the poor guy really didn't want to be under it. Then I called Nick and finally 911.
You see, I really had a hard time calling 911. 5 years and 2 weeks previous, Nick had been burned in a terrible fire outside. Thankfully, due to quick thinking and a great burn unit at HCMC he recovered with only one little scar near his ear. And then 6 months ago I had to call 911 when I found my father-in-law in the bathroom, and it ended up he unfortunately had passed away.
But I also knew that if I called 911 they would be able to take him to that same burn unit at HCMC. And so I did, and they came, and Nick got home.
Thankfully the burns weren't as bad as Nick's. Jeffrey's seem to be first degree burns, whereas Nick's were 2nd and 3rd. In something really freaky though, they almost seem to be in the same spot. On his face and right shoulder and chest (Nick's also were on his right arm/hand when it happened to him).
The ambulance took Jeffrey (and me - a first for the both of us) downtown to HCMC, and Nick and Samantha came in his truck. Also my parents rushed down too (they ended up having Samantha for the night).
Again, thankfully it wasn't worse, we only had to spend one night in the hospital (and found out they do have a stupid rule that only one parent can stay in their kid's room at night)... and we were out on Friday.
We have since been back on Saturday to get his chest re-dressed and will have to go back every 3 days till it is healed. Because of Nick's experience he is doing an expert job cleaning and putting bacitracin on his face and changing his bandages.
And to top it off, yesterday was Nick's 31st birthday and everything we had planned the whole weekend was cancelled.
I will say, one of the hardest things about being a parent is seeing your child in real pain, even worse when YOU should have done something better so it didn't even happen. It also was very hard to be back in the HCMC burn unit. I do feel like Jeffrey had a guardian angel, his Bapa, making sure it wasn't any worse.
And now.. a couple days later.. he seems to be healing really well. They said it should be about 14 days.. but I wouldn't be surprised if it was quicker.
Of course.. a couple prayers wouldn't hurt. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

Oh Melissa I'm sorry to hear that! I hope Jeffery heals quickly :(

tosin said...

Oh Melissa - I'm so sorry!!
I know you're little guy will come through like a champ.

I recently had an ER visit with my little one. It was one of the worst moments I've had as a parent.