Friday, November 03, 2006


Ok.. Halloween was a couple days ago... but you are getting your recap now!!!
We started out the "festivities" on Sunday (10/29) when we got our pumpkins. We went to the pick your own pumpkin place that we went to last year. The one downfall this year was the up and down temps.. so many pumpkins that froze were soft with the warmer weather. This also made them just icker! Though, we did find 7 good ones and a gord so we took them home (and paid a great price for them).

That night I started carving them.. got 3 carved and did the other two that I planned to carve done the next 2 days!

It just so happened that last year someone gave us a lion costume for Jeffrey for this year and he had been a lion a couple years ago for 2 straight years.. so Samantha could wear that.. so they matched!! And I decided to do the old witch thing.. ho hum.
On Monday (10/30) Jeffrey had his preschool party.
Then on Halloween, we started the day at the MOMS club Halloween party, the kids got to make crafts, get our pic taken together and eat pizza and get goodies!

They of course got stains on their costumes.. but I found out the Tide To-Go Stick really works well.. and they disappeared so they could wear their costumes later.
Here are my cubs:

And here is us again:

Nick thankfully volunteered to take them out this year, especially nice because it was in the 30s!!

And while they didn't go to many houses.. they did say they had a great time.. and that is what matters. And I got to enjoy handing out candy to about 25-30 kids, which was a lot of fun for me!
And now the holidays is over.. next one.. Thanksgiving!!

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Anonymous said...

Cute Cubs!

Love the pumpkins too!!! Great job. I have a pumpkin. I never got around to carving it. I plan on making it into soup :D