Monday, December 18, 2006

Prayers needed for my Dad.

I need prayer warriors from everywhere to help my Dad right now. I have never been so scared (myself and for him).
About 19 years ago he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (cancer) and was doing well till earlier this year. This is what happened the past couple weeks.
A week and a half ago (Wed 12/6) they started giving him Chemo so they could do a stem cell harvest.. he got out 2 days later on Fri. He was having a home health nurse come out and give him these shots. Well this past Wed (12/13) the nurse didn't like what she saw, so Mom came home and put him in the hospital (in protective isolation). His white blood cell counts are the lowest they can be.. which makes it hard to ward of infection. On Thursday they found pnemounia. On Friday they found his kidneys were failing so he started dialysis. On Saturday he was having a hard time breathing and they found fluid on his lungs so he started on a bipap machine (like a cpap used for sleep apnea). Well they moved him up to ICU then because those nurses can handle that machine. On Sunday they said his breathing was better buy his fluid in his lungs wasn't.. they still let him go back to a "regular" room and off of the bipap. Well overnight last night/this morning they didn't like what they saw so they brought him back down to ICU and started the bipap machine.. that wasn't working so overnight he went on a ventilator.. this also means he is sedated. Mom says he is hooked up to all sorts of machines.I have been there every day since Friday and he seems to look better one time and worse the next.
So we could all use some prayers.. of course mostly for him.. but also for the loved ones in his life so they don't get sick - because if we do we cannot visit him. Also, my Uncle ans Sister are out of town and just don't know if they should fly in.
One Dr. overnight told my Mom he is a long way from dying.. I really hope he is telling the truth.
I do know my Dad doesn't want my kids to lose both their Grandfathers in one year.. so he is fighting for them.He is at Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis. As of right now I think I will be going down once Jeffrey gets out of preschool this morning.
BTW... Jeffrey is looking a lot better.. just has a couple small spots on his shoulder to heal.
Plus, Nick graciously cleaned my parents house on Saturday.. and helped put together a fake tree one of Mom's coworkers is borrowing her. So her house may be in the Christmas spirit. Can't say the same for ours. We bought a Poinsetta the other day.. otherwise you wouldn't know it was Christmas at our house.
Thanks for any and all prayers.

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Roxanne said...

I am praying very hard for your entire family. Let me know if there is anything I can do.