Wednesday, October 04, 2006

September Recap

Yep! Again I am behind in my blogging. I have no clue why.. I still spend time on the computer.. I guess this takes more effort.

September was a good month.

We started off the month with our annual trip to the MN State Fair

kids got cranky midway through, so my Mom and Dad came by and picked them up.. after that it was just Nick and I!!!

Then Jeffrey had his first day of (his second year of) preschool. He now goes 3 mornings a week in one of the Elementary school buildings. And he seems to really like it. Samantha also enjoys the 2 1/2 hours he is gone because she gets 100% of the attention and toys!

We had out Church's Festival and the kids had a chance to go on some rides.

That weekend was also the End of Summer BBQ at my friend Roxanne's (and her fiance Josh) house. Too bad it felt like mid fall that weekend. But I still enjoyed getting to see her place and meet her puppy. Here is Roxanne w/ her dogs Goofy (white/orange) and Fredo (black) along with my Maggie

September 11 I turned 27 as a previous blog said.

That week I also got to meet up with some members that visited the Mall of America - Stacie, Jill, Julie and I along with my 2 kids, Stacie's kid Aidan, Jill's husband and my father all got to eat lunch and stroll around the mall at a great time of the day.

I also got to make my own Build A Bear, Violet the Velvet Teddy

I also had dinner w/ my family and parents at Red Lobster and went downtown for lunch with my friends Roxanne and Laura (and my kids), that week.

The next weekend Roxanne and I, along with her StepMom and Future-Mother-in-law, went to Blaine and then Stillwater for wedding dress shopping and lunch. Here is our view from where we ate at the Water Street Inn of the Famous Stillwater Lift Bridge.

Jeffrey and Samantha have also learned a little bit about the internet games!! I let them play on some safe websites with their favorite characters like Dora, Diego, Blue and Max and Ruby.

And of course the kids are having fun together (when they aren't fighting with each other).

And we closed out the month picking some of the carrots from the garden that Jeffrey planted.

Now onto October and the fall weather that is coming in!!



agent713 said...

Great pictures! Samantha's hair is getting so long again :)

I always found it hard to blog from home too. There is Something about sitting at a desk and pretending to be working that makes the words flow.


Roxanne said...

Great monthly synopsis Mel! And great photos too :)