Friday, October 06, 2006

No Consequences

Ok... Stacy posted the latest blog challenge question on Scrapshare a couple days ago.. here is the challenge:

Q: If you could live one day without consequences, what would you do? Would you
get a tattoo just to see what it was like? Would you skip work or school and
sleep all day? Would you have a one-night-stand, or would you buy a yacht, or
would you tell your parents what you REALLY think of them? If you could live one
day without consequences, what would you do?

And I have been doing some thinking.

Well I would start off the day with hiring a helper. Someone who could change diapers, make meals and take care of the kids in the evening. I would then sleep in and wake up next to Nick, who would also be sleeping in. We would get up and the helper would get the kids dressed and have a scrumptuous meal of waffles and sausage and all sorts of other breakfast goodies prepared for us.
Next we would head to the Mall of America in our Corvette Convertable (rented or bought just for the occasion) for a (half) day of shopping. Nick and I could update our wardrobe, while Jeffrey and Samantha could get some fun toys. Next, my helper would take the kids on the rides and Nick and I would head off to a spa for a half day of treatment, massage, facial, the works!
We would meet back up with the kids and any one else who wanted to come for a dinner at an expensive restaurant.
And we would finish up the night with my parents watching the kids and us going to a Radisson hotel for the night (because they have Select Comfort beds).

Yea.. it is probably similar to what a lot of people would do... and since I only have a day, it wouldn't be worth it to add traveling to this. I guess the biggest thing would be a day of not worrying about money.


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