Monday, September 05, 2011

First day of school blues!

I remember as a kid the dreams started about a month before school starts... they even continued after I graduated college.  You know the dreams... some version of going to your first day of school and not being ready.  Well ready or not, that first day of school is tomorrow! 
Not for me though... for my kids.
This year Jeffrey will be in fourth grade, Samantha will be in second and Carter will be a new preschooler.  For the first time in a few years I will be down to one kid three mornings a week at home!
Are we all ready for tomorrow?  Mostly.  Most of the school supplies have been dropped off at school, the shoes have been purchased and the uniforms tried on.  We need to just get a few more things together, wash off the gym shoes and pack it all up in their backpacks.
Are the kids ready?  Mostly not.  They would love to stay home and hang out and not go to school! 
Is Mom ready?  YES!  This has been quite the summer with the kids not always getting along, I think they need the separation that school will bring (even if J & S's classroom doors are just across the hall from each other).
So tomorrow we will all wake up and bring the 2 oldest to the bus stop.  Wednesday we will go to Carter's preschool open house and Friday will be the first day for him.  Some wonder if Elizabeth will be ok with all of them gone, for some reason I think she will be just fine!
Happy New School Year!


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agent713 said...'re saying you're glad you're NOT homeschooling? ;) I think that sounds like a good decision for your family :) Happy First Day of School!