Monday, September 03, 2012

A new chapter: Homeschooling

Tomorrow starts a new chapter in our household.  Instead of the kids getting up and putting on uniforms, rushing to catch the bus and coming home and having the age old homework battle; the kids will be getting up, sitting at the kitchen table and being taught by their father.  Tomorrow we officially start homeschooling.
The decision to homeschool was not taken lightly.  We loved the kids school, especially the teachers and the principal.  But after over a year of research and discussion we took the leap.  I wont lie, I am slightly worried about the decision.  When the kids had teachers I knew that we didn't have to teach them everything, now they look to us (mainly Nick) to learn everything they need to know.  I will say growing up till 6th grade I went to a Montessori school and we did a lot of workbooks and when I heard that in that way homeschooling was similar, that actually made it doable.
I will say this summer was kind of weird.  No back to school shopping, except for the curriculum (and Daddy took care of that).  No calendar filled with back to school night, uniform sales and such.  
For anyone that homeschools or knows anything about it, we are going with the Seton Catholic Curriculum along with Saxon Math.  The kids will be learning Latin for the first time and we will be learning it right there with them (hey we will be all set if they ever go back to a Latin Mass!)
We want to thank all the homeschool parents and regular teachers that have helped us to make sure we are on the right track.  
The kids are excited... I think this will help them develop their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses.  
So tomorrow's back to school pictures will be a little different, but I will be excited to return home from work and hear all about their day!


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Anonymous said...

Latin - very cool. I took 4 years of it in High School..... so very very long ago....