Monday, July 07, 2008

Jeffrey at 6

Jeffrey turned 6 in May. Every year I cannot believe I have a child that is as old as he is. It seems like just yesterday Nick and I were talking about trying for a child, and now it is over six years later.
(J in his "bday shirt")
Jeffrey is so smart in our eyes, nothing goes past him. He remembers so much, though honestly sometimes he embelishes the truth. He sure can tell you stories, though.
He still wants to be a landscaper when he grows up. He loves, loves, loves when he can go to work with Daddy. Nick just told me when they see Jeffrey on the job site they call him the boss. And when Jeffrey is home he has his own "employees" to deal with - and be careful, if they are bad or old they get thrown in the trash.

Jeffrey really enjoyed Kindergarten. He made his first friend all by himself, Jack.. and enjoyed some other friends. He really knew how to butter up his teachers... he had two teachers most of the time and one could never discipline him he was too cute with her. He says his favorite classes were art, music, library, computer, gym and math ... well really almost all the classes.. And he liked to ride the bus to and from school but also liked when Mommy and/or Daddy occasionally picked him up. I am just amazed at how well he can write and start to read things.
(J wrote the alphabet with bath crayons)
He is enjoying his summer so far. Besides going to work with Daddy, him and Samantha already were in one music/religion camp at my friend's church which culmenated with a performance. He also is enjoying a chance to go with to MOMS club stuff. And he is a great helper with Carter (he sometimes takes that role way too seriously)

And that is a little update of my "big, little" boy Jeffrey


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