Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today my parents would have celebrated their 29th Anniversary. I think it is bittersweet that while we were on our trip to Cancun someone decided to celebrate it then (it could have been the room service that came with the celebration). Little did we know that Dad wouldn't make it to that day.
I haven't talked to Mom today, she knew it was going to be a hard day. Because she had plans tonight we took her out Monday to dinner and I brought her roses. I know she really appreciated us not forgetting.
And adding to all this, we found out last week my Grandma (Mom's Mom) is pretty sick.. though we wont know how bad till tomorrow.
So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad I know you are watching down on us.

Dad & Mom in Cancun

Dad & Mom with Aaron, Gage, Johnny, Carter, Carrie, Nick, Jeffrey, Me & Samantha (Kids, Grandkids and sons-in-law) in Cancun.


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