Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy 2008!

Hey all and Happy New Year!!!

It is now 2008, yea! Time for new beginnings. I tell you I have some things I would love to start fresh on!!
I was thinking to myself what goals I have for this year. Goals sound so much better then resolutions. Of course I want to lose the baby weight from being pregnant with Carter. I did it with the other two, I should be able to with him. And I would love to find a way to earn more money for the family. It has been hard with being a sahm and not contributing financially (though Nick and I know that I do contribute in other ways). This is the time of year that it would work out for me to work and who can't use more money. I would like to stay off the computer more, because we all know how much I love it. And I do think that is something that has gotten easier to do since having the baby. And there is always that procrastination issue I have. I should probably take some baby steps and get better at doing things right away.
As for 2007, I did complete some goals (at least from my "things I want to do" thing in my sidebar). We did have another baby. And of course we all love Carter so much. We all got passports. Though in this day and age it is almost a need if you ever want to go anywhere. We did go some place tropical and that was NICE. And I did get a laptop, which is making life a lot easier. I mean this is getting to be an anti-destop computer world. (Of course this makes it easier to be on the computer).
So who knows what 2008 will hold for me and my family. Of course I hope for only good things. My biggest prayer is that my Dad gets healthy and stays that way and we can celebrate many a new year together.

So, raise a glass to you and yours this new year.


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